WooCommerce SMS Notification Plugin

With the help of WooCommerce SMS notification plugin, admin and buyer can get alerts or notifications about their order through SMS using diverse SMS gateways.

The WooCommerce SMS notification plugin is very useful when you want to get notifications by SMS after an order is placed. Buyer and seller both can get SMS alerts after an order gets placed. SMS notification alternatives can be personalized in the admin panel without difficulty.

Main features

  • Very simple to set up or install
  • Very simple to personalize
  • Integrate with different SMS gateways
  • Administrators can get order SMS alerts
  • Buyers can get order SMS alerts
  • Accessible settings for admin to manage SMS settings and gateways
  • Personalizable SMS text
  • Send order information like order no, order status in text SMS
  • Extensive settings choice
  • Can works with WooCommerce version 2.0+
  • All WordPress versions of 4.0+
  • Delivering SMS to any number
  • Sending order information (order status, order no, order products and order quantity) in text SMS
  • Different SMS sending facility equivalent to different order statuses
  • Directly communicate with buyer via SMS.
  • Administrator can force buyer to get SMS alerts.
  • Each order status is supported.

Overall, WooCommerce is one of the significant e-commerce plugins all over the world. Also, if you are looking for further help like appending Google sheet into WooCoomerce, then Socket Trigger & Send is one of the apps to integrate with WooCommerce store.


SMS gateway- Modern and a high quality marketing tool

A high quality and modern SMS gateway can help you in congregating your requirements, have a look at a few of its essential characteristics described below:

By using SMS gateway you can reach thousands of prospective consumers in less time. An SMS gateway can send upto 25000 messages within a minute? Well, if you are not responsive of this, then now you should find out how gentle you presently are? Furthermore, how your competitors are competing in advance?

In 3 easy steps you can send messages without any additional hardware requirements. SMS gateway plugin for WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, etc., can be integrated via API on any website.
Some of the SMS gateways have stipulation to send customized marketing SMSs for open clusters of prospective customers. This can help us send out different marketing messages attracting to open clusters of your target prospective clients. Sending SMS using PHP is also one of the best methods of business promotion.

Sending SMS with the help of SMS gateway by listing the sender ID for your brand name to promote your brand or services.

Setting up the messages can help you enjoy on particular occasions such as you do not have to be in front of your mobile phone or laptop to deliver greeting messages on Diwali.

So, these were a few characteristics that can be brought together to your customized needs from an SMS gateway service provider.


Use Bulk SMS Software for Effective Business Promotion

SMS marketing is one of the best methods to advertise products or services that are offered by any business. Today, businesses no more trust on conventional media for the sale of their services. Sending bulk text messages is an economical marketing tool for current businesses.


Mobile marketing is present in different forms and applications that simplify the sending and receiving of marketing messages. The complete process is rendered fast and conveniently. In the world of marketing, it is suggested not to be deliberate as if you overlook a chance once, you miss it evermore.

The bulk SMS software targets a large number of customers and it can be set up on the systems for rationalizing the process. If you want to target many customers with a particular business message, it is not simple to manage things. The SMS software delivers SMSs in bulk to different audiences within a very short time-period. This is why it is significant for a business to understand its clients who can be reached through the database and get the SMS with a click. This would have if not been a difficult task.

By this type of SMS marketing, businesses can save big costs that they would have paid the marketing and advertising companies. The SMS software uses a shortcode that is also called as a short number. By delivering bulk SMSs, you can make the marketing procedure of businesses easier all over the world.

On the other hand, bulk SMS HTTP API helps businesses send bulk SMS through a website. Marketers need to choose improvement in their techniques and the SMS marketing method is purely successful. People take their mobile phones wherever they go and this rising trend has brought in the attention of marketers who want to make money using bulk SMS services.


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