What Role Does SMS Play For Education?

With its familiarity and feasibility, SMS for education industry is still a major role player and helps in effective communication. SMS is a perfect method for students and teachers to communicate. It is a highly useful method of communication for educational establishments, which usually have fixed administrative budgets.

Members of preset groups like classes can be delivered the same message with just a single click, making the allocation of significant information to the related individuals quickly and cost-effectively. Also, the nature of higher education institutes mean students are generally off site, making it hard to send last minute details to them. By using SMS, students can be approached at any location almost quickly, which has proven to decrease absence and increase student retention rate.

Some education institutes have used SMS to enhance student-teacher relationships in what is generally a cool environment, by texting students’ admiring or commiserative messages, related to work. Using SMS also puts in variety and awareness to learning, which means students are more probable to reply to and keep information.

There are various methods by which text messaging can be used to improve communication in educational sector:

  • Make students quickly aware about lecture venue, time changes or cancellations
  • Send notifications or alerts to students regarding any event
  • Notify students when course and grades are ready to be gathered
  • Students can inform teachers about their absence
  • Selection for student union activities

So, these were some benefits of SMS for education industry by which this sector may send alerts, notifications, important information to students, parents and teachers. This sector may also use various methods of sending SMS such as SMS API PHP, bulk SMS Java API, http API, etc.
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