How Text Messages for Colleges Can Help Them in Increasing Enrollment

Approaching teens and college students by using conventional advertising method is very difficult today. Whereas they still watch TV and pay attention to the radio programs, more teens are getting their regular entertainment and information by mobile phones. Indeed, survey shows that teens have consumed mobile data more than three times than the previous year. This gives a great chance to universities, technical schools, and colleges to use text message marketing as part of their whole marketing strategy.

Mobile text marketing is a comparatively new method of approaching prospective students, but it has the benefit of being cost-efficient and intended. Text messages are received right away and opened 97% of the time.

To benefit from a text message marketing campaign, a college should employ it not only to approach students, but also take follow up of prospective students.

Text messages for colleges are another tool in the arsenal and it should be integrated into present advertising, PR and marketing programs. Here are a few methods to reach out students with text messages:


  • Text message alerts to pre-college events such as orientation programs, financial aid workshops, and college tours
  • Text admissions details, involving deadlines, events or a website link
  • Send short SMS on further events the college is funding that might be in their area
  • Run a contest and give a chance to win a prize to those who opt-in to the text marketing campaign

One benefit of text marketing is quick follow up. In return for getting a student’s personal cell phone number, your college can text more details, send a web link or even take follow up with a live phone call. Prospects can also be divided into diverse lists and contacted for particular programs.

So, with a successful text message marketing program and the correct follow up procedure, colleges can bring in potential students that it might otherwise miss entirely. Colleges can also use some different methods to send text messages like sending SMS using Java, PHP,, netbeans, etc., to make their SMS campaign more successful.

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