How SMS for Education is Helpful?

Normally, teachers and lecturers are quick to ban mobile phones in the classroom, but mentors and faculty have much to obtain from using SMS to make more efficient communication with their students. SMS for education is an appropriate and individual method to interact with students, parents, teachers and faculty members along with other employees and contacts.

SMS for education helps in:

Parent or guardian SMS alerts and communication

Send real-time urgency text message notifications to whole school community.
Send enrollment payment details and due dates.
Enhance student timekeeping and check student welfare.
Send updates on student progress and performance.

Absenteeism notifications

SMS is a quick, easy and economical method to send alerts to parents or guardians to non-attendance, helping stop casual absence from becoming a routine.
Messages are delivered very fast, giving a real-time notification SMS service.
Links to present attendance systems of school.

Student communication

Send updates related to class details, events, changes in venue or exam timetable.
SMS gateway API broadcasts reach to a large group quickly for emergency and different alerts.

Exam reminders

Faced with the eventful and juggling study, work, family and a social life, students and particularly university students can sometimes overlook the most significant dates in the academic calendar, i.e., their exam dates. Now, with SMS tools, it is very easy to create an exam Reminder SMS by which it is feasible to send preset text messages to a selected group of students at pre-identified timeframes leading up to their examinations, making sure that they do not overlook and help them in getting the highest feasible marks for their subject!

So, SMS is by far the most affordable method of communicating with staff and students for informal or periodical communications. It is less costly than mobile calls and mailing.
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