Importance of Bulk SMS in E-commerce Industry

In today’s world of tough competition in the e-commerce industry it is highly essential to use proper way of communication to interact with the audience. Bulk SMS offers e-commerce industry a great opportunity to excel more customers. E-commerce industry has found it easier to stay connected with their audience through bulk SMS Service. It takes comparatively less time for an e-commerce vendor to connect with their customers giving them timely updates and offer details regularly.

There are ample of factors which reveal the importance of bulk SMS in the E-commerce industry.

  • Bulk SMS seems to be one of the best options to improve customer satisfaction. It is reliable, fast, user-friendly and secured form of communication.
  • Customers can send their feedback, queries or comments to their respective vendors. Customers when get a quick reply for smooth service will generate a strong relationship between both the parties.
  • E-commerce industry can influence their customers to buy more and more products by sending offers, discounts coupons and encourage the customers to purchase repeatedly.
  • Bulk SMS not only increases customer service but it is a simple and effective way to receive feedback from customers through surveys and questionnaire. The customers can access the messages even when they don’t have Wi-Fi.
  • Today every customer wants security. The e-commerce industry uses bulk SMS for payment security process. The system sends OTP to the specified mobile number and asks password for the transaction which helps to protect from hackers.
  • It saves time and money for people in the business of e-commerce, they can use this time for other activities of the business.
  • By using bulk SMS, one can send messages to numerous customers by just one click. Sending SMS regarding product launches, greetings on occasions, delivery status, signup details and many more helps the customers to navigate portals easily.  
  • It is seen that many times it happens that we can’t contact a person through phone, however, with the help of bulk SMS, we can convey our message in a short and precise manner instantly.

If we go for the statistical review, SMS have a record of 98% open rate and 94% are read within 5 minutes in e-commerce industry.

From the above stated points, we can say that, bulk SMS API has caught the fancy of each part of the e-commerce industry. Every e-commerce industry is using bulk SMS as a marketing tool as well as communication tool to keep in touch with the customers.  

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