How two factor authentication can make Internet using experience safe?

Today, Internet is being used by millions of people. People of all age groups are using social media sites, shopping sites and dating sites. With this huge user base and increasing number of Internet users, online security methods need to be strengthened to keep confidential information of users safe. Most websites use user ID and password, but in present scenario technology and fraudsters have become very advance, as result, online security must be changed and advanced. Two factor authentication is an effective way to protect users and improve online security.

2FA can be incorporated in any online login session easily and reasonably. Say, you have an OpenCart ecommerce website then with OpenCart SMS extension you can easily improve the safety of users through OTP or One Time Password. OpenCart SMS integration will automatically send SMS whenever order will be placed or send OTP on the user’s registered mobile number whenever any online transaction will be made.

Using 2FA with a login and OTP sent to a registered mobile number is effective because there will be two layers of security. The first layer would be the user ID and password, and another would be the OTP sent to the mobile number to validate the user. Even if someone else other than the user were to access someone’s account, they wouldn’t be able to retrieve the one time password as it will be sent on the registered mobile number of the user.   

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