What is two factor authentication and its need

Internet has not just made our lives more comfortable and convenient, but it has also presented fraudsters with new methods and techniques to cheat people and steal their personal and confidential data. But, thankfully Internet experts have come up with solutions to prevent the scams and keep them as low as possible.

Two factor authentication or 2FA is one such technique to prevent the data theft. 2FA can be defined as a security method that uses two forms or phases of verification before confidential data can be accessed. The purpose of two factor authentication is same as single factor authentication, except for one important difference. In single factor authentication you will only need username and password to access personal information, while in case of 2FA, along with username and password, additional information will also be needed. This assists in strengthening the security and protecting personal information.

The important need for two factor authentication

With the increasing number of people making online transactions, the risks and threats are also growing. When making a payment online, the security of both the sender and the receiver could be compromised. But with SMS gateway plugin for WordPress you can ensure safety and protection. WordPress SMS plugin will send automated messages to the account holders whenever login attempts will be made. Also, one time password or OTP will be sent before any confidential information will be shared or cash will be deducted from the card holder’s account.

WordPress SMS API will send SMS on the registered mobile number to update about account sign-in effort or to share OTP. This will also work as a warning sign, if it is not the real account holder who is trying to access the information.

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