Bulk SMS service provider for education system

In any educational institute, interaction will always be at the core of it all. It is the best method of ensuring that the message is well-communicated to the concerned parties. The messages will be well-planned and with high readability as per your expediency. To make sure things are running well as you want you can contact bulk SMS API service provider and find more about them. It will amaze you how much you will be benefiting from this service.

Bulk SMS features for education institutes:-


  • Conveying attendance of students.
  • Sending homework for lower grades.
  • Exam, test results, and fee information.
  • Circulars or special notifications.
  • Decrease costs (particularly telephone bills).
  • Enhance interaction between teachers and parents.
  • Reaching every parent with private and confidential information.
  • This path can be used for delivering messages that are transactional in nature.
  • Sender ID can be personalized.
  • The sender ID should have maximum six characters and should be in all CAPS.
  • Gateways based on the templates.
  • SMS delivery on DND numbers as well.
  • No time limit for sending SMS.
  • Unrestricted validity of SMS.
  • 24X7 client support.
  • Priority route for bulk SMS.
  • Excel Plugin for SMS.

MSG91 is a leading and dependable bulk SMS service provider for education and offers bulk SMS in your city as per your need at competitive rates. MSG91 has consolidated its presence in the market by offering world-class SMS services to its customers. It offers various SMS services and different alternatives for businesses and people, concentrating on bulk SMS, and SMS gateway integration. You can use this system of bulk SMS for education in India as well as overseas. It is an international player in business SMS solutions, and with its unique bulk SMS service you can send SMS straight from Excel plugin. You can also add or remove customer contacts from your SMS account.

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