What Functionality a Google Sheet Can Provide in Comparison to CRM?

Google sheet is a tool that can help us increase our businesses and personalize the information flow in terms of data administration, reporting, data entry, CRM software, etc. particularly for small companies.

Some of the powerful and basic functionality which Google Sheets provides are as follows:

  • It permits sharing and same time expurgation or editing functionality
  • Almost all the significant formulas from Excel sheet (broadly used desktop app all over the world) work in Google sheet, in addition there are some very helpful and extra functions that work like attraction
  • We can use Google script to computerize the method, develop the dynamic forms and various advanced stuff, etc.
  • Well-integrated with Google Calender, email, other database apps
  • Permits you to download in different layouts
  • It gives different opportunities settings to different people

If a small company wants to integrate CRM system to enhance their sales prospect, extra income for their businesses and do not want to spend a lot of money on this, then definitely Google sheet data to CRM tool will be very useful as it can charge you very lessĀ or free.

And, you can make your own system as per your requirements and you can alter this anytime as per your business needs.

In brief, whatever functionality a fundamental CRM system in the market offers, Google sheet can give all those functionality with more easiness and having no cost in comparison.

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