WooCommerce SMS Notification Plugin

With the help of WooCommerce SMS notification plugin, admin and buyer can get alerts or notifications about their order through SMS using diverse SMS gateways.

The WooCommerce SMS notification plugin is very useful when you want to get notifications by SMS after an order is placed. Buyer and seller both can get SMS alerts after an order gets placed. SMS notification alternatives can be personalized in the admin panel without difficulty.

Main features

  • Very simple to set up or install
  • Very simple to personalize
  • Integrate¬†with different¬†SMS gateways
  • Administrators can get order SMS alerts
  • Buyers can get order SMS alerts
  • Accessible settings for admin to manage SMS settings and gateways
  • Personalizable SMS text
  • Send order information like order no, order status in text SMS
  • Extensive settings choice
  • Can works with WooCommerce version 2.0+
  • All WordPress versions of 4.0+
  • Delivering SMS to any number
  • Sending order information (order status, order no, order products and order quantity) in text SMS
  • Different SMS sending facility equivalent to different order statuses
  • Directly communicate with buyer via SMS.
  • Administrator can force buyer to get SMS alerts.
  • Each order status is supported.

Overall, WooCommerce is one of the significant e-commerce plugins all over the world. Also, if you are looking for further help like appending Google sheet into WooCoomerce, then Socket Trigger & Send is one of the apps to integrate with WooCommerce store.

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