Vtiger SMS- A Way to Make Effective Relationship with Customers

Vtiger SMS is an addition that incorporates into the SMS notifier unit present in Vtiger CRM. The extension or addition offers the ability to send SMS to leads, contact numbers or accounts described in the CRM. It also incorporates into customized workflows within Vtiger by method of describing an SMS task. Businesses can now flawlessly increase their Vtiger CRM employments to interact via SMS as part of their sales as well as customer relationship plan. The extension is well-matched with versions Vtiger 5.2 and more than that.


You may send bulk SMS from the catalog outlook of Contacts, Leads, or Businesses by choosing the intended records and click on send SMS. Otherwise, you can find the way to information of an entity, i.e., Lead or Contact and send a message to that entity. When creating a message, the character length is shown to control extra costs involved in delivering text SMSs above one sixty characters. On delivering the message, you may select one or more areas that include the recipient’s contact number, giving elasticity in how you accumulate the mobile numbers.


When describing a workflow in Vtiger, you are shown with a SMS task that can be employed in the workflow. The SMS task can be activated at different points in the sales cycle and the SMS content can be arranged in context of the method activating the workflow.